Our ethics

The people…

BAM Food has a strong belief that people will return the investment made in them. We want our employees to be as committed to producing amazing food as we are, so we have decided to invest in them in a few different ways.

Firstly, we know that that the national minimum wage is not actually enough to live on in the UK so we will be paying the National Living Wage. When people are at work they should be concentrating on their job, not worrying that they are not able to make ends meet.

Secondly, we will invest in the development of our staff through training and development programmes. We want people to be improved because they work for us in terms of their knowledge and skills.

Thirdly, we will employ a flexible working system so that parents are able to effectively juggle family life and work, whether that be children, parents or dogs! No one should ever have to choose between making a living and being there for their family.

We strongly believe that by investing in people we are investing in creating a better society, and that has to be a good thing, whichever way you look at it.

The pigs…

Bacon is one of our core products and we want to be able to sell awesome tasting food and be able to look ourselves in the eye in the morning. Where our pork comes from is hugely important to us. We insist on high-welfare, outdoor-reared pigs that have led a happy, healthy life.

Our pork comes from pigs bred and reared on West Country pastureland. Our pigs are bred from Wessex saddlebacks which have been improved and crossed with modern breeds noted for their taste and eating quality, which gives a very tender, succulent tasting pork. The pigs are fed on a clean, wholesome diet that does not contain antibiotic growth promoters or meat and bone meal. The food is balanced to the pigs needs ensuring health and well-being.

The planet…

We want our products to be in perfect condition when you eat them and the packaging is a huge part of that. We want to be as environmentally responsible as well, however and we don’t think these things are mutually exclusive.

BAM Sauce is packaged in glass rather than plastic. Glass will not interact with the sauces in any way, so there will be no leaching of chemicals into the sauce over time. Glass is recyclable and biodegradable so our bottles will not still be littering the planet in 400 years’ time.

BAM Bacon is vacuum packed in order to protect the product and extend the shelf life. The vacuum bags are made from recyclable plastic and the outer packet is made from cardboard, which is recyclable and biodegradable.